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Federico Fellini "Il libro dei sogni"

Мягкая обложка

Издательство: «»

Год издания: 2008 г.

Язык книги: итальянский.

Формат 200x280 мм., 583 стр.

1 000 000 тг

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Libro dei sogni by Federico Fellini comprises the exact facsimile reproduction of two of his sketchbooks. In them, Fellini, encouraged by the Jungian analyst Ernst Bernhard, took to annotating and illustrating his dreams. The first book comprises approximately 245 pages and covers the period from November 30, 1960 to August 2, 1968. The second, of 154 pages, covers the period from February 1973 until the end of 1982 ? twenty-two years, added to which are various separate pages and some notes dated 1990.
The two tomes bound in one therefore embrace three decades. The gap of four and a half years between the two books (with the exception of one or two loose leaves) is a mystery. Some believe that Fellini abandoned the annotation of his dreams in those years while others are convinced of the existence of another sketchbook which was possibly unthinkingly lent to an American scholar or simply lost during a move. In addition to the almost 400 pages which form the two sketchbooks there are a number of facsimiles of miscellaneous sketches offered as gifts for publication in various journals. The miscellany of surreal and mysterious ideas, irrealizable fantasies and precognitions gives us a privileged insight into Fellini?s contemplation of his interior world.